Shore Excursions

Island Vista has worked closely with the cruise ship industry since we started trading in 2007. We either work directly with individual cruise ships or act as a local representative for some of the larger shore excursion companies.

Cruise ship in Lerwick harbour

As the cruise industry has continued to grow, Island Vista has grown with it, both in terms of size and experience. We've gone from having 25 ships in a season to 25 ships in a month at the height of the season.

We have had several interesting cruise ship clash days over the years. One of the biggest clash days to date was in 2017, when there were two ships in Lerwick Harbour bringing with them 5,500 guests. We provided shore excursions for 1,900 people that day.

Not every day is like that, thankfully! We have provided shore excursions for ships with only 45 guests on board.

We have experience of working with mass cruise tourism to high-quality expedition cruises and everything else in-between. We have good working relationships with local suppliers and venues, making it easy to create specific and unique experiences based on the expectations of your guests.

We will coordinate all shore excursions to ensure that guests receive a memorable tour and keep tour clashes to a minimum.

All our guides are accredited Scottish Tourist Guide Association Green Badge Guides for Shetland. Some of our guides speak more than one language, so please enquire if you need guides with foreign languages.

On the day, we will work with you on the shore side to assist with the tour dispatch. We can also provide escorts for walking tours and translators for tours should you require these.

Please contact us to discuss things further.