Memberships & Affiliations

At Island Vista, we believe it is important to keep in touch with others in the tourism industry so that we are always up to date with what is going on. As such, we are members of the following organisations:


Scottish Tourist Guides Association (STGA)

All our guides are accredited by the STGA. They ensure that all our guides follow a strict code of conduct and follow an agreed set of standards of performance. They also run a yearly CPD accreditation programme for all of Scotland’s guides. If your journey takes you to other parts of Scotland, be sure to look for other Green Badge Guides in Orkney, Western Isles and the Highlands. If you are visiting mainland Scotland, there are several Blue Badge guides who would be happy to show you around.


Shetland Tourism Association (STA)

Shetland Tourism Association is the local body that brings together all the small tourism businesses in Shetland. They also act as a go-between with Loganair, Serco Northlink, Visit Scotland, Promote Shetland, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and the Lerwick Port Authority. Jolene is also a member of the executive committee for STA.


Shetland Food and Drink/Taste of Shetland

Taste of Shetland is the marketing umbrella of the Shetland Food and Drink committee. SFAD bring together the many fantastic food and drink businesses in Shetland. Pre-Covid, Food and Drink Tourism was rapidly expanding in Scotland so Island Vista felt that this would be the perfect platform for developing new food and drink tours.


Women In Tourism (WIT)

Jolene became a member of Women in Tourism at the beginning of lockdown 2020. They have been a great source of support and inspiration during this difficult time. They have members from all over the UK, which gives an excellent insight into the opportunities and challenges faced by people in the tourism industry throughout the whole of Great Britain.


Federation of Small Businesses (FSB)

Many of you who are based in Britain, will be familiar with the Federation of Small Businesses. They act as the voice for small businesses throughout the UK and provide valuable information on the best practices for small businesses.

Scottish Independent Tour Operators Association (SITOA)

Scottish Independent Tour Operators Association logo

Island Vista has joined the recently created Scottish Independent Tour Operators Association. This association was formed in response to the challenges being faced by tour operators across Scotland. They have been instrumental in securing essential funding for survival for tour operators and are the much-needed voice on behalf of business when dealing with the Scottish Government and other agencies.