North Mainland

Shetland has a varied geology and that becomes evident when you head north. Volcanic headlands, sea stacks and dramatic cliff vistas await you on this tour.

Eshaness Lighthouse and Cliffs

The scenery at Eshaness Lighthouse is out of this world. The lighthouse, in itself, is picturesque but combine that with a remarkable backdrop of the sweeping Atlantic Ocean and volcanic cliffs, you have a scene that rivals other parts of Shetland. As part of the tour, we will stop and have a quick walk around the car park to get some photos.

However, if you would like to venture further, there is a fantastic circular walking route that takes about 3 hours. Please let us know if you'd be interested in this option and making it a full day experience.

Tangwick Haa Museum

Tangwick Haa is now a museum with great local history and an interesting display about Shetland’s geology. It was built as the haa (hall) of the Cheyne family, who were the Lairds (landlords) for that area. The haa is located next to a small beach and has a lovely garden, which you can explore. There is a small gift shop and tea/coffee is available for a donation.


Hillswick is a small village in Northmavine at the side of a large bay. It is nice to take a walk at the small beach or visit the local shop. The Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary do an incredible job of looking after Shetland’s sick or poorly seals and otters, nursing them back to health before slipping them back into the wild. The St Magnus Bay Hotel was built in 1900 and is a small family-run hotel. There is an art studio in Hillswick, with occasional public exhibitions and a blacksmith.

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