Shetland In September

Shetland In September

September can be a funny old month here in Shetland. All the seasonal birds have left for the summer, the temperature drops (assuming it ever rose to begin with!), the nights are getting darker, the Northern Lights or Mirrie Dancers as we call them have reappeared and the kids have gone back to school.

And yet, there is an undeniable buzz in Shetland in September. There are several visitors, mostly female, all sporting some fantastic woollen garments and wearing bright and colourful knitted hats. Yes, it’s almost time for Shetland Wool Week.

 Shetland Wool Week, Roadside Beanie

This year, surprisingly, is no different. Even though Shetland Wool Week is virtual for the second year running, there are many visitors who have made the decision to come to Shetland anyway now that Covid restrictions have eased. There are still some in person events taking place but most of the action will be online. Memberships are available and include a selection of videos.

In addition to Shetland Wool Week, Shetland Arts Development Agency runs two festivals in September: Wordplay and Screenplay, showcasing the written word and films from Shetland and further afield.

Shetland Museum and Archives

Speaking of on screen, the 7th season of the TV series “Shetland” is currently being filmed. Rumour has it, this may be the last season. The cast and crew are here for 5 weeks to film Jimmy Perez’s latest crime mystery. Season 6 was filmed earlier in the year and is due to be released at the end of 2021.

 Jimmy Perez's House, Lodberries, Shetland

As I write this, the temperature outside is around 11c/52F and it has been foggy and rainy all day. Perfect weather for staying inside with a cup of tea and my knitting. I had better crack on with my Da Crofter’s Kep so that I get it finished in time.

Da Crofter's Kep, Shetland Wool Week 2021