Wool Week

Shetland is very well known for its Fair Isle Knitwear. This tradition has been passed on through generations. Knitwear would have been sold to raise extra income for families or even used to trade with passing fishermen in exchange for produce.

Fair Isle Knitting

Garments are knitted using very unique patterns and also using Shetland Wool. Shetland sheep are prized for their fleeces which are spun and turned into very high-quality yarn. Wool from around the sheep neck is especially sought after as it is so soft it is able to be spun into a single-ply yarn which is used to make the beautiful Shetland fine lace. This lace is so fine that a shawl is able to pass the wedding ring test, where the shawl is able to be pulled through a wedding ring. Various wool shops in Shetland have truly wonderful displays of wool

Wool Week is a week-long event held all over Shetland where people attend functions, lectures, demonstrations and social events to better their knitting skills. This event is getting bigger and more popular every year.

Island Vista are able to put together bespoke tours during this time to visit places of interest around Shetland, especially to local sheep farmers where you can get an in depth look and feel about the wool industry in Shetland.